Care Surgical has a wide range of positioning products available. Our current range mainly consists of prone positioning products but new products are being added regularly.

If there is a project where a hospital needs assistance with concepts, prototyping and production, our in-house design team can help. We use the latest CAD software and 3D printers to prototype for rapid production. 

CS Prone Head Supports

Care Surgical has a wide range of prone head positioning products available. 

CS Prone Plus Face Cushion
CS ProneOne
CS Prone Face Blocks
CS C-Plus Face Cushion
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CS Allen® Compatible Supports

Care Surgical has a wide range of Allen® compatible supports

CS C-Flex® Compatible Cushion
CS Compatible Comfort Care Kit
CS Advance Compatible Covers
CS Allen® Bow® Compatible Covers
CS Wingset Covers
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CS Arm Supports

Prone Arm Supports
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CS Jackson Table Kits

Jackson Table Kits
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CS Prone Leg Supports

Adjustable Leg Supports
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CS Prone Table Accessories 

Wilson Frame
Egg Box Foam
Chest Support
Chest & Pelvic Supports
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