Kyra™ Curve

The Kyra Curve is a versatile platform which attaches safely to both standard and specialist spinal operating tables. The arched shape of the frame creates the desired reverse lordosis required to open the intervertebral space.

  • 272kg Patient Weight Capacity
  • Increased space for abdominal decompression
  • Velcro-free silicone strap for improved infection control
Image Product Code Product Name Quantity
KYRA-9000 Kyra™ Curve Frame 1
KYRA-9010 Kyra™ Crank Handle 1
CSM-2608 CS Bow & Wilson Comfort Covers 30mm 1
KYRA-1100 Kyra™ Curve Cart- Optional Extra 1
Quantity 1
Weight Capacity 272kg

The following products can be purchased together; speak to your Care Surgical representative about customising your own kit.


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