CS Easy Prone

The CS Easy Prone simplifies optimal positioning of the chest and pelvis in the prone position.

  • Fully sealed cover for infection control
  • Fully radiolucent
  • Unique shaped designed to prevent pressure in the armpit, neck and genital area
  • Allows the abdomen to hang freely
  • Can be flexibly adjusted to suit different body shapes
  • 2-piece design allows free movement of the operating table
  • Designed to allow a natural lordosis of the spine and support a neutral neckline
  • Available in 3 heights
Image Product Code Product Name Quantity
Chest and Pelvic Support for Prone Position CSM-2699 CS Easy Prone - 150mm - Chest & Pelvis Set 1
CSM-2918 CS Easy Prone - 170mm - Chest & Pelvis Set 1
Chest and Pelvic Support for Prone Position CSM-2919 CS Easy Prone - 200mm - Chest & Pelvis Set 1
CSM-2699 Chest (CSM-2920) L: 250mm/9.84" W: 500mm/19.69" H: 150mm/5.91"
CSM-2699 Pelvis (CSM-2921) L: 336mm/13.23" W: 500mm/19.69" H: 150mm/5.91"
CSM-2918 Chest (CSM-2922) L: 270mm/10.63" W: 500mm/19.69" H: 170mm/6.69"
CSM-2918 Pelvis (CSM-2923) L: 356mm/14.02" W: 500mm/19.69" H: 170mm/6.69"
CSM-2919 Chest (CSM-2924) L: 290mm/11.42" W: 500mm/19.69" H: 200mm/7.87"
CSM-2919 Pelvis (CSM-2925) L: 376mm/14.8" W: 500mm/19.69" H: 200mm/7.87"

The following products can be purchased together; speak to your Care Surgical representative about customising your own kit.

Further Product Information

The CS Easy Prone is a two piece system designed to support the chest and pelvis of patients of varying size and stature optimally during surgery for enhanced comfort and safety, thus reducing the incidence of pressure-related injuries.

The system features ergonomic components designed to support patients in the in prone position with optimal spinal alignment (natural lordosis), provide even pressure distribution and ensure absence of pressure on areas such as the axillary nerve, neck, genitals and abdomen. Designed in two parts- the chest and pelvic cushions- and available in 3 heights, the system provides clinicians with a tailored solution that allows patients to be positioned optimally for their unique size and stature, therefore reducing risk and facilitating improved surgical outcomes. Additionally, the two-piece design allows for unencumbered movement of the operating table, for example to achieve a reverse lordosis position.

× Chest and Pelvic Support for Prone Position
× Chest and Pelvic Support for Prone Position