CS Prone Plus Head Support System

Supports the patient’s face during prone procedures to reduce the incidence of pressure related injury.

  • Even pressure across forehead and cheekbones
  • Adjustable cogs to achieve a neutral neckline
  • Small and Large Cushions available
Image Product Code Product Name Quantity
CSM-2565 CS Prone Plus Head Support System (Helmet and Mirror) 1
CS Prone Plus Face cushion CSM-2512 CS Prone Plus Face Cushions 10
CSM-2565-1 CS Prone Plus Helmet 1
CS Adjustable Mirror Plus CSM-2567 CS Adjustable Mirror Plus 1
Order Quantity 1
Length 317mm/12.48"
Width 233mm/9.17"
Height 171mm/6.73"

The following products can be purchased together; speak to your Care Surgical representative about customising your own kit.

Further Product Information

× CS Prone Plus Face cushion
× CS Adjustable Mirror Plus