The CS FlexiFin™ Lithotomy Stirrups

The new CS FlexiFin™ lithotomy Stirrups are designed for effortless, optimal lithotomy positioning. These medical stirrups are similar in design and usability to the market leader but with new added features.

  • Non-velcro silicon straps supporting improved infection control
  • Flexible Boot to accommodate larger patient calves
  • Pressure-relieving padding reduces risk of pressure injury and compartment syndrome
  • Clearly visible scale for simplified symmetrical alignment
  • 180kg/250kg max patient weight, so suitable for a wide range of patients
Image Product Code Product Name Quantity
Lithotomy Stirrups CSM-2913 CS FlexiFin™ Max Stirrups (Pair) 1
Lithotomy Stirrups CSM-2754 CS FlexiFin™ Stirrups (Pair) 1
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Further Product Information

In the realm of medical procedures, patient comfort and safety are paramount. The new CS FlexiFin™ lithotomy Stirrups offer effortless and optimal lithotomy positioning. Designed with advanced features that enhance usability and patient care, these surgical stirrups are perfect for medical professionals who want high-quality, comfortable, and safe positioning for their patients in the lithotomy position.

× Lithotomy Stirrups
× Lithotomy Stirrups