CS Prone Patient Supports

The CS Prone Patient Supports are compatible with all Allen and Jackson spinal operating tables. The velcro-free secure locking clips enable safer patient transfer and improved infection control.

  • Multi Layers of pressure-relieving foam
  • Quick-release locking clips
  • Velcro-free supports
Image Product Code Product Name Quantity
CSM-2716 CS Prone Patient Supports 1
CSM-2709 CS Chest Support 1
CSM-2717 CS Hip Supports (pair) 1
CSM-2718 CS Thigh Supports (pair) 1
CSM- 2723 CS Hip Supports - Small (pair) 1
CSM-2719 CS Hip Supports - Large (pair) 1
Order Quantity 1

The following products can be purchased together; speak to your Care Surgical representative about customising your own kit.


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