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Reusable Supports

CS Resuable Supports provide safe and comfortable support to patients during a range of procedures. The contoured blocks are comprised of soft polyurethane foam with a wipeable skin covering for infection control.

CS Heel Supports

Soft, wipeable supports to provide safe and easy positioning of the patient's heels while supine.

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CS Knee Rings

Soft, wipeable supports to reduce pressure on the patient's knees whilst in the prone position.

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CS Shin Supports

Soft, wipeable contoured blocks to support the patient's shins in the prone position

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CS Lateral Head Support (Adult)

CS Lateral Head Support

Soft, wipeable lateral head support for patient's in the lateral position.

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CS Supine Head Support (Adult)

CS Supine Head Support

The CS Supine Head Support provides safe and comfortable support to patients heads in the supine position.

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