KYRA COMFORT™ 350 Stirrup

Kyra Comfort 350 Stirrups- 159kg patient weight capacity.

  • Non-velcro secure lok straps for improved infection control
  • Flexible boot to accommodate larger patient calves
  • Pressure relieving padding
  • 22 degrees additional lithotomy range
  • Curved bar eliminates dangerous pinch points
Image Product Code Product Name Quantity
KYRA-3100-P Kyra 350 Stirrups with Cart and Clamps 1
KYRA-1000 Kyra Purple Stirrup Cart 1
KYRA-4610 Kyra Select Blade Clamp EU 1
KYRA-4620 Kyra Select Blade Clamp UK 1
KYRA-4710 KYRA Simple Blade Clamp EU/UK 1
KYRA-6260-P Kyra Replacement Pad Set 350 1

The following products can be purchased together; speak to your Care Surgical representative about customising your own kit.