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27 May 2021

Welcome Sabine!

Sabine joined us this year to head our Sewing Department: leading Research and Development for products such as hospital mattress and surgical support covers, and utilising high-frequency welders for seamless seams. 

We would like to wish a warm welcome to Sabine!

18 May 2021

Manufacturing Expansion; Out with the Old, in with the New

Care Surgical have continued our expansion by investing in a brand new 5-axis CNC to enhance our existing in-house manufacturing capabilities, upgrading from the VF2 to the VF7.

5-axis CNC for enhanced manufacturing capabilities
5-axis CNC for enhanced manufacturing capabilities

The new addition follows a rapid drive to expand our premises, keeping our research and development department and manufacturing in-house with enhanced facilities and capabilities. Other exciting developments include the addition of three new members to our R&D team, a high-frequency welding machine for our sewing department and additions to our facility including a brand new area dedicated to high-frequency welding and showroom area for virtual demonstrations.

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14 April 2021

Clinical Advantages of the CS Prone Head Support System & Face Cushion: Improving Outcomes

Complete with our innovative open-chin design, the advantages of the CS Prone Head Support System and Face Cushion can be noted with improved results from the first observation all the way until the post-op results. Our unique product provides unmatched patient safety and convenience, with no need to disconnect anaesthetic tubing and improved outcomes attributed to superior patient monitoring, positioning, consistent intubation and protection of skin integrity, particularly in the chin area.

There is a tremendous advantage to using the CS Prone Head Support System and CS Prone Face Cushions. Removing risk of similar skin integrity issues is a vital consideration for any successful patient outcome.

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6 April 2021

Care Surgical Remain ISO Certified

We are delighted to have achieved recertification of our ISO 13485.  This is the international standard for the design and manufacture of medical devices.  Remaining ISO certified confirms Care Surgical meets the stringent requirements to ensure our products and services continue to provide the high standards our customers expect.

To achieve recertification, Care Surgical underwent a rigorous external auditing process. This entailed assessment of key areas of the company including:

Quality management systems (QMS) – ensuring all processes and records are robust, complete, accurate and secure;

Resource management – the control of the infrastructure of the company, including staff training, and suitability and maintenance of premises and equipment;

Product design and manufacture – designing, testing, manufacturing, and ongoing monitoring, measuring, and reviewing of all Care Surgical products;

Sales and customer service – the accuracy of information provided to our customers, accurate and traceable order fulfilment, and customer service and satisfaction;

Measuring, analysis and improvement – Our quality assurance manager constantly monitors our QMS and products via regular internal audits, customer feedback analysis and, if necessary, corrective and improvement actions.

As an international supplier of medical positioning equipment, maintaining excellence in these areas provides the framework for who we are, what we do and how we do it.

We look forward to continuing to serve our customers as an ISO certified, trusted supplier.

19 March 2021

Prone Head Support for Covid-19 Patients in the ICU

Do you disconnect patients’ tubing to turn the patient from the supine to prone position? Are you currently using lateral supports while in the prone position?

Turning the patient’s head from side-to-side while ventilated in the prone position is an outdated solution to the current problem we face: supporting COVID-19 patients safely and comfortably whilst spending prolonged periods of time in the prone position.

With the help of clinicians on the front line, we have developed the CS Prone Head Support System. The unique, open-chin design allows you to reposition your patient without disconnecting the tubing, therefore maintaining PEEP pressure and crucially, reducing the contamination risks associated with removing and restoring patients’ intubation.

The Prone Head Support System is designed for use over prolonged periods of time, protecting the patient’s face from pressure ulcers and eye injuries. The adjustable mirror and helmet system allows for neutral positioning of the neckline and monitoring of the patient’s face.

To find out more about the Prone Head Support System visit or to request samples, contact us.

27 January 2021

Welcome Iain

We would like to introduce Care Surgical’s newest team member, Iain.

Iain brings valuable skills and experience to Care Surgical as our newest Design Engineer, currently completing the final year of a Masters of Mechanical Engineering degree (MEng Mechanical) with a focus in medical-engineering.

Iains impressive past projects include engineering a design tool for scaling a medical exoskeleton and designing a bespoke stabilised buggy to cater for a rare and complex disability.  

Alongside his professional and educational projects, Iain chairs an IMechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineers) panel, organising events to promote engineering to potential young engineers and the general public. We look forward to working with Iain and supporting him in his pursuit of meaningful product design that helps patients and improves surgical outcomes. 

Welcome Iain!

8 January 2021

Looking Forward in 2021

Care Surgical is continually investing in our service, focusing on areas in which we can exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.

In 2020 we took some exciting steps to bring more of our manufacturing in-house, focusing on product innovation, design and supply chain efficiency. Adding to our existing capabilities of 3D printing and scanning, we have invested in two brand new Haas CNC Milling machines. This investment has ramped up our manufacturing capacity and will significantly reduce lead times.

To accommodate our increased production, we have expanded our premises with a new assembly area and R&D facility. Two new members have joined our design team, bringing exciting new skills, experience and ideas to the table.   

We are excited to continue supporting our customers with innovative, high-quality products at competitive prices into 2021 and beyond.

We remain ISO 13485 certified and will continue to follow these guidelines in all areas of our business to ensure our customers are getting exactly what they are asking for and the best possible product.

18 December 2020

A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Care Surgical

From the entire team at Care Surgical, we wish you all a very safe, healthy and happy holiday season and we look forward to a healthy and prosperous 2021.

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9 November 2020

CS Medical is now Care Surgical

As of Monday 9th November, CS Medical is now Care Surgical.

Over the past 5 years, CS Medical has become a trusted name in the operating theatre and is widely known for outstanding product quality and customer service.

So why are we changing our name?

Simple! Our mission is to advance and improve patient Care in the Surgical environment. We feel our fresh new brand better represents who we are and our position as innovative product engineers and reliable suppliers of high quality, affordable patient positioning solutions. We believe our new name highlights our purpose and company philosophy and brings together our brand internationally.

What difference will it make to our customers?

The answer is, very little. You’ll notice our new name on emails and documentation we send to you, such as invoices. We’ll be asking you to address your purchase orders to Care Surgical, and the name on our bank account will change, although all other account details will remain the same. Apart from that, our commitment to enhance patient outcomes will continue as our prime focus as well as the driving force behind everything that we do. We’re the same company with the same experienced team, just with a new face! Your primary point of contact, orders and distribution schedule will remain the same.

1 May 2020

Simple but Effective Head Support for Covid-19 Patients in the ICU

Do you place your patient’s head laterally while in the prone position?

We know that a number of ICUs turn the patient’s head from side-to-side while ventilated in the prone position. So, with the help of clinicians on the front line, we have developed the CS Disposable Lateral Head  Support (Adult), order code CSM-2410. This allows you to reposition your patient without disconnecting the tubing, therefore maintaining PEEP pressure.

To find out more or to request samples, call our advisers on 020 8050 4671

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