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27 January 2021

Welcome Iain

We would like to introduce Care Surgical’s newest team member, Iain.

Iain brings valuable skills and experience to Care Surgical as our newest Design Engineer, currently completing the final year of a Masters of Mechanical Engineering degree (MEng Mechanical) with a focus in medical-engineering.

Iains impressive past projects include engineering a design tool for scaling a medical exoskeleton and designing a bespoke stabilised buggy to cater for a rare and complex disability.  

Alongside his professional and educational projects, Iain chairs an IMechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineers) panel, organising events to promote engineering to potential young engineers and the general public. We look forward to working with Iain and supporting him in his pursuit of meaningful product design that helps patients and improves surgical outcomes. 

Welcome Iain!

8 January 2021

Looking Forward in 2021

Care Surgical is continually investing in our service, focusing on areas in which we can exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.

In 2020 we took some exciting steps to bring more of our manufacturing in-house, focusing on product innovation, design and supply chain efficiency. Adding to our existing capabilities of 3D printing and scanning, we have invested in two brand new Haas CNC Milling machines. This investment has ramped up our manufacturing capacity and will significantly reduce lead times.

To accommodate our increased production, we have expanded our premises with a new assembly area and R&D facility. Two new members have joined our design team, bringing exciting new skills, experience and ideas to the table.   

We are excited to continue supporting our customers with innovative, high-quality products at competitive prices into 2021 and beyond.

We remain ISO 13485 certified and will continue to follow these guidelines in all areas of our business to ensure our customers are getting exactly what they are asking for and the best possible product.

18 December 2020

A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Care Surgical

From the entire team at Care Surgical, we wish you all a very safe, healthy and happy holiday season and we look forward to a healthy and prosperous 2021.

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9 November 2020

CS Medical is now Care Surgical

As of Monday 9th November, CS Medical is now Care Surgical.

Over the past 5 years, CS Medical has become a trusted name in the operating theatre and is widely known for outstanding product quality and customer service.

So why are we changing our name?

Simple! Our mission is to advance and improve patient Care in the Surgical environment. We feel our fresh new brand better represents who we are and our position as innovative product engineers and reliable suppliers of high quality, affordable patient positioning solutions. We believe our new name highlights our purpose and company philosophy and brings together our brand internationally.

What difference will it make to our customers?

The answer is, very little. You’ll notice our new name on emails and documentation we send to you, such as invoices. We’ll be asking you to address your purchase orders to Care Surgical, and the name on our bank account will change, although all other account details will remain the same. Apart from that, our commitment to enhance patient outcomes will continue as our prime focus as well as the driving force behind everything that we do. We’re the same company with the same experienced team, just with a new face! Your primary point of contact, orders and distribution schedule will remain the same.

1 May 2020

Simple but Effective Head Support for Covid-19 Patients in the ICU

Do you place your patient’s head laterally while in the prone position?

We know that a number of ICUs turn the patient’s head from side-to-side while ventilated in the prone position. So, with the help of clinicians on the front line, we have developed the CS Disposable Lateral Head  Support (Adult), order code CSM-2410. This allows you to reposition your patient without disconnecting the tubing, therefore maintaining PEEP pressure.

To find out more or to request samples, call our advisers on 020 8050 4671

3 April 2020

Prone Face Support for Patients in the ICU

We realise that for many staff in ICU, treating a patient in the prone position is unfamiliar territory. That is where we can help.

The simple-to-use CS ProneOne Head Support distributes pressure evenly across the patient’s forehead and cheekbones and protects the delicate nerves around the eyes. 

To find out more about the CS ProneOne, or to request copies of our prone positioning guides, call our advisers now on 020 8050 4671

26 March 2020

We’re Still Here

As the country goes into lockdown and companies around the UK suspend operations, we’d like to assure our customers that we are still here to supply the supports you need to keep your patients safe in Theatre and the ICU.

Our customer service and sales advisers are now working safely from home and are available to take your calls to help you choose the best products to support your patients. 

We’re maintaining a skeleton staff in our warehouse to ensure your orders continue to be dispatched on the day that you place them for next working day delivery.

If you’re new to CS Medical products, call 020 8050 4671 now to discuss how we can help you to help your patients.

12 March 2020

Thinking of the Environment

We’ve recently been asked why our instruction for use leaflets are placed inside the plastic bag with our products, rather than being stuck to the outside of the bag.

The answer is simple: Both the bags we use and the leaflet we print can be recycled. If we were to stick labels to the bags, none of it could be recycled.

So there you have it! Next time you open one of our products, be sure to recycle the packaging.

10 February 2020

ISO Accreditation

February is the month each year that our ISO 13485 certification is reviewed by the external auditor. This checks that we’re still working to the high standard required  by the accreditation assessors and that is expected by our customers. Once again, we have passed our audit with flying colours.

Being ISO 13485 accredited means you can be confident that:

  • All CS Medical products have been designed and tested to international standards and are fully legally compliant
  • Our staff are fully trained to provide the best advice and guidance
  • Our systems are regularly audited to ensure they are working properly and in the best way
  • We are constantly looking for ways to improve our working practices and to ensure that problems are quickly identified and rectified.

6 February 2020

Celebrating 4 years of CS Medical

In the 4 years since CS Medical started trading, the company has gone from strength to strength. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, our excellent customer service and the good relationships we have with our customers.

During the past 4 years we have expanded our product range, achieved ISO accreditation and sponsored our first positioning training event. We’ve employed a dedicated team of staff in the Northwest Powerhouse region. Our products are now being used throughout Europe, in the USA and latterly in Japan.

To celebrate our birthday, the staff headed down to our local indoor karting track where our operations director, Ricky Dearnley-Davison emerged as the victorious race winner.

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