Clinical Advantages of the CS Prone Head Support System & Face Cushion: Improving Outcomes

Posted 14 August 2023

Complete with our innovative open-chin design, the advantages of the CS Prone Head Support System and Face Cushion can be noted with improved results from the first observation all the way until the post-op results. Our unique product provides unmatched patient safety and convenience, with no need to disconnect anaesthetic tubing and improved outcomes attributed to superior patient monitoring, positioning, consistent intubation and protection of skin integrity, particularly in the chin area.

There is a tremendous advantage to using the CS Prone Head Support System and CS Prone Face Cushions. Removing risk of similar skin integrity issues is a vital consideration for any successful patient outcome.

The open-chin design also allows repositioning of the patient without disconnecting the tubing, therefore maintaining PEEP pressure and crucially, reducing the contamination risks associated with removing and restoring patients’ intubation. The adjustable mirror and helmet system allows for neutral positioning of the neckline and monitoring of the patient’s face.

The system is specifically designed to protects patients’ over prolonged periods of time from pressure- related injury, eye injury and nerve damage.

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