Optimal Lithotomy Positioning with the CS FlexiFin™ Stirrups

Posted 1 July 2024

In the realm of medical procedures, patient comfort and safety are paramount. The new CS FlexiFin™ lithotomy Stirrups offer effortless and optimal lithotomy positioning. Designed with advanced features that enhance usability and patient care, these surgical stirrups are perfect for medical professionals who want high-quality, comfortable, and safe positioning for their patients in the lithotomy position.

Key Features of CS FlexiFin™ Lithotomy Stirrups:

1. Non-Velcro Silicon Straps

One of the features of the CS FlexiFin™ Stirrups is the inclusion of non-Velcro silicon straps. These straps offer superior infection control, a critical factor in surgical environments. By eliminating Velcro, the risk of harbouring bacteria is significantly reduced, promoting a cleaner, safer operating room.

2. Flexible Boot Design

The flexible boot of the CS FlexiFin™ medical Stirrups is designed to accommodate larger patient calves. This flexibility ensures that patients of various sizes can be positioned comfortably and securely during procedures. The ergonomic design minimises discomfort and maximises support.

3. Pressure-Relieving Padding

Pressure injuries and compartment syndrome are serious concerns during prolonged surgical procedures. The CS FlexiFin™ surgical Stirrups address these issues with pressure-relieving padding. This feature distributes weight evenly and reduces pressure points, enhancing patient safety and comfort.

4. Visible Alignment Scale

Achieving symmetrical alignment is crucial in lithotomy positioning. The CS FlexiFin™ Stirrups come equipped with a clearly visible scale that simplifies this process. Medical professionals can quickly and accurately adjust the stirrups, ensuring precise positioning every time.

5. High Weight Capacity

With a maximum patient weight capacity of 250kg, the CS FlexiFin™ lithotomy Stirrups are suitable for a wide range of patients. This versatility makes them an excellent choice for diverse medical practices, accommodating patients of different sizes and weights.

Advantages of Stirrup Leg Holders Over Knee Crutches in the Lithotomy Position:

  1. Stirrup leg holders distribute pressure more evenly across the legs compared to knee crutches, significantly reducing the risk of compartment syndrome—a severe condition caused by increased pressure within the muscles. (https://orthoinfo.aaos.org/en/diseases–conditions/compartment-syndrome/
  1. By evenly distributing pressure and securely holding the legs in position, stirrup leg holders maintain proper blood flow and reduce the likelihood of pressure sores or other complications from prolonged pressure on a single area.
  1. Stirrup leg supports often feature gas pressure systems for easy adjustments, reducing physical strain for the user and decreasing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. This contrasts with knee crutches, which require manual and often awkward adjustments.
  1. Stirrup leg holders offer superior adjustability to accommodate different surgical procedures and patient anatomies, ensuring optimal leg positioning for successful surgical outcomes and patient safety.

Why Choose CS FlexiFin™ Stirrups?

When it comes to lithotomy positioning, the CS FlexiFin™ Stirrups make a great choice, similar to the market leader but with enhanced features to provide numerous benefits:

Enhanced Infection Control: The non-Velcro silicon straps significantly reduce the risk of infection.

Greater Patient Comfort: The flexible boot design and pressure-relieving padding ensure optimal comfort for patients.

Precise Positioning: The visible alignment scale allows for quick and accurate adjustments.

Versatility: With a high weight capacity, these stirrups are suitable for a wide range of patients.


The CS FlexiFin™ lithotomy Stirrup’s advanced features and intuitive design prioritise patient safety, comfort, and precise positioning. Invest in the best for your patients and practice. Choose CS FlexiFin™ Stirrups for your lithotomy positioning.

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