Prone Head Support for Covid-19 Patients in the ICU

Posted 19 March 2021

Do you disconnect patients’ tubing to turn the patient from the supine to prone position? Are you currently using lateral supports while in the prone position?

Turning the patient’s head from side-to-side while ventilated in the prone position is an outdated solution to the current problem we face: supporting COVID-19 patients safely and comfortably whilst spending prolonged periods of time in the prone position.

With the help of clinicians on the front line, we have developed the CS Prone Head Support System. The unique, open-chin design allows you to reposition your patient without disconnecting the tubing, therefore maintaining PEEP pressure and crucially, reducing the contamination risks associated with removing and restoring patients’ intubation.

The Prone Head Support System is designed for use over prolonged periods of time, protecting the patient’s face from pressure ulcers and eye injuries. The adjustable mirror and helmet system allows for neutral positioning of the neckline and monitoring of the patient’s face.

To find out more about the Prone Head Support System visit or to request samples, contact us.