Looking Forward in 2021

Posted 8 January 2021

Care Surgical is continually investing in our service, focusing on areas in which we can exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.

In 2020 we took some exciting steps to bring more of our manufacturing in-house, focusing on product innovation, design and supply chain efficiency. Adding to our existing capabilities of 3D printing and scanning, we have invested in two brand new Haas CNC Milling machines. This investment has ramped up our manufacturing capacity and will significantly reduce lead times.

To accommodate our increased production, we have expanded our premises with a new assembly area and R&D facility. Two new members have joined our design team, bringing exciting new skills, experience and ideas to the table.   

We are excited to continue supporting our customers with innovative, high-quality products at competitive prices into 2021 and beyond.

We remain ISO 13485 certified and will continue to follow these guidelines in all areas of our business to ensure our customers are getting exactly what they are asking for and the best possible product.