Care Surgical Acquires New UK Facility

Posted 13 November 2023

Care Surgical Ltd, a high-quality manufacturer of patient positioning products for a variety of surgical procedures, is proud to announce the acquisition of a brand new second manufacturing facility at their UK Headquarters.

The new facility will house our sewing, digital cutting and manufacturing operations teams, necessitated by our growing team and product demand. 2023 has seen the addition of 9 new members of the Care Surgical team across our UK and US bases, with additional exciting positions opening up regularly as we continue to grow.

Throughout this growth Care Surgical have striven to keep our Research and Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing and Operating facilities in-house, ensuring we continue to offer the highest level of supply-chain efficiency, quality control and the associated cost-savings to our customers, in-line with our original mission statement of providing high- quality, competitively priced products, delivered on-time.

Saul Berman, Technical Director said, “As the head of our ever-expanding product development, engineering, and manufacturing departments I’m delighted to have secured this second facility from which to run the sewing and digital cutting processes of our manufacturing departments. This second facility gives Care Surgical the crucial opportunity to continue to expand and grow with demand whilst keeping our operations as efficient as possible.”

At Care Surgical, we are committed to upholding our reputation for producing high-quality patient positioning products while enhancing our capacity to meet the increasing demands of our valued customers. With this new facility, we are well-positioned to provide even better service and innovation in the field of surgical equipment. We look forward to a bright future of growth and continued excellence in patient care.“.