CS Prone Plus Head Support System

CS PronePlus
Helmet And mirror
CS Adjustable Mirror

​The CS Prone Plus Face Cushion uses a soft polyurethane foam and ABS helmet to protect the patient's face during prone surgery.

The unique design offers the patient unrivalled comfort and support.

The CS Prone Face Cushion achieves a reduction in pressure around the eyes and protects the sensitive eye nerves below the eyebrows.Single use to aid with infection control  

The CS Prone Head Support System consists of 3 parts:

  • Soft disposable Prone Face Cushion

  • Reusable ABS Helmet

  • Fully Adjustable Mirror

The Prone Face Cushion and helmet can also be used without the mirror. This is helpful when a patient needs to be positioned as low as possible on the operating table.

The mirror has clear Instructions for use on the base. The Instructions label is made from a non-slip material, which ensures stability during long procedures. 

Ordering Information

CS Prone Plus Face Cushion Adult

Qty: 10 units per box

Code: CSM 2512

CS Prone Plus Face Cushion Child

Qty: 10 Units per Box

Code: CSM 2514

CS Prone Plus Head Support System (Reusable Helmet & Adjustable Mirror)


Code: CSM 2565

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