Kyra Stirrups

Posted 18 January 2020

Stirrups have remained the same for years, with sharp angles to collect bacteria and mechanisms that trap nurses’ hands.

Kyra’s designers have listened to the concerns of users and have designed a stirrup that is easy to use and doesn’t have the issues of the others on the market. As an added bonus, each pair of stirrups comes with a free cart.

Kyra stirrups are proving a huge success in the USA and we’re proud to have been selected as the sole UK distributor.

  • Flexible boot to accommodate larger patient calves
  • Improved infection control with silicone rather than Velcro straps
  • Fin design to protect the peroneal nerve
  • Pinch points have been removed to make it safer for staff
  • Thicker pads for added pressure relief
  • 22 degrees of additional lithotomy range

Call our advisors on 020 8050 4671 to talk about our trade out scheme and stirrup audits.

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